Story Telling

The "Leider" Evenings

'Lieder' is the German word for Songs, and 'Leider' is the word for 'Unfortunately'. In the 'Leider Abende' I sing - unfortunately. If you wish to know why, you shall have to come! Actually I love the Lieder of Franz Schubert  (and have written my own versions of some), but there are also English and German folk songs, Jewish liturgical pieces, operettas and more; in these Cabaret Evenings I speak about my own biography, how my childhood or student days or career or music have influenced me, and sing (or attempt to sing - unfortunately!) various songs; the tale is told with many of the word-games I have created over the years, and even some serious comments on the way the Bible is so often misunderstood.

Max Doehlemann, composer and jazz pianist, plays the piano brilliantly and undertakes several parts and these anecdotes, jokes, puns, satiric songs and all the stuff in between make up an evening's programme that sends people away thinking harder than they perhaps expected at the beginning......

Rabbi Walter Rothschild and the Minyan Boys

Max Doehlemann has led various 'combos' and on one occasion I was invited as guest to perform with the 'Doehlemann Trio' and from this fruitful cooperation there grew 'The Minyan Boys' - four excellent professional musicians (Max Doehlemann, Christian Schantz on bass, Martin Fonfara on percussion, Mathias Harig on trumpet) who accompany me as I sing various satirical or parody songs of my own composition. The themes vary from Jewish liturgy to festival 'carols', American folk music, music from films and cartoons, classical music, pop songs, almost everything......   Some of our concerts are viewable on YouTube:

We also have a CD - ''Rabbi Walter Rothschild and the Minyan Boys - Greatest Hits Volume 2'' - which can be acquired through certain well-known internet sources. We have performed a variety of programmes (adapted to suit the season and location) all over Germany and in Austria and would love to perform more!